Wear. Embed. Accelerate.

Made For Movement

From PCB design to a low-power wearable and embeddable product. The AccelerU has come a long way.


The AccelerU is so small, lightweight and discrete that you wont even know you're wearing it. As it won't restrict movement, it's perfect for sports training and action, but also for patients of almost any phsyical therapy and training as it doesn't feel invasive, and isn't of a size or weight that would exaggerate or counter any movements for initial analysis on range and ability of joints.

Detection and accurate readings of the direction, range and speed motion helps to create a clear understanding of cause and effect for injuries and treatments; give a deeper understanding of new conditions; as well as provide sufficient data from which new treatment protocols can be created and implemented, either for an athlete's training regime or for specific areas such as cervical spine treatment.


Whether you're an athlete, team manager or product developer, using our unenclosed system gives you the ideal way to tailor to your needs. Make bespoke SMART skiboots or if you want to understand how much force is going into the neck on impact for your team of ice hockey players, you can create your own custom solution with the benefit of access to our basic apps, which you can also develop to suit your specific application.



9 Degrees of Freedom

9 axis sensor integration:
3 axis information for Accelerometer, Gyroscope and Mangetometer

Designed to sustain Extreme environments, impacts and motions.


Over 10 Hours Battery

The AccelerU is fitted with a low power LiPo rechargable battery that will run continuously for around 15 hours before it requires recharging
Real-time data will be displayed on our AccelerU App which can be used on Android and IoS devices.

Remote Tracking

OTA Updates

Firmware updates will be installed over-the-air, making it a wireless and hassle-free process

Technical Specs

  • Power

    Battery Capacity        150mAh
    Battery Life                 ≥ 500 cycles
    Charging                    Micro USB

  • Sensors
  • Data
  • Connectivity
  • Physical

Research & Development

We're working with expert neurophysiologists, biomechanicists and sports therapists to develop our technology and products for the market.
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