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Ambiquire is a British engineering and technology company that creates innovative wearable devices and systems for sports, rehabilitation and wellbeing. Our products can be used for a range of applications and are to make data collection and analysis straightforward, streamlined and accessible.

Driving Advancement with Data

With accurate data we can help advance many areas including wellbeing, personal care, injury rehabilitation and sport sciences.

Data is an objective tool through which new approaches and protocols can be developed across a range of areas, helping to reduce guesswork, time and money spent on repairs or recovery and helping to create new strategies and approaches for the future.

Using data sets both real-time and historical, analysis of problems becomes more efficient and effective.

With our experience across both hardware and software engineering we are able to create solutions for a range of application areas that provide an array of insights to help you accelerate your product, business or service.

Device Development

After working with a number of companies, we realised that there were several key features that were desired for new hardware. Understanding these needs we focus on producing hardware that is:
  • Low Power
  • Networkable
  • Bluetooth / WIFI enabled
  • Low Cost

Our Applications


Sports analysis is vital for improving athlete and team performance.
Using both our devices and softwear, we can enable tacking and analysing individual motion, speed, acceleration and force to provide coaches, trainers, and therapists with key insights for training approaches, team creation as well as feeding directly into strategy.

Physical Therapies

Working with chiropractors, neurophysiologists and sports therapists we know how important data is. Currently a lot of the tests are subjective, including judging by visual changes or through basic tools and equipment.
Obtaining objective data will help speed up patient diagnosis, help understand treatment efficacy and help to create new treatment protocols.

Health & Wellbeing

The more insights that can be provided for patient assesments the faster diagnosis can be made and the greater the understanding can be of treatments.
Using devices and data to asses degeneration of conditions, areas such as orthopedics and neurology can benefit greatly from understanding changes or patterns in movement for pre and post-op patients as well as for research into early detection in diseases like Parkinsons.
Track. Analyse. Accelerate.

Hard Data from Precision Hardware

Whether you want to create your own smart product or want a complete device that can be worn or attached to people or surfaces, our flexible devices will give you a range of options whilst providing vital real-time data.
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